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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our office will be closed on November 26th and 27th (Thursday and Friday) for the Thanksgiving holiday. Normal customer service will be unavailable during these days, but we will still be monitoring e-mails for any critical issues. We hope that you have a safe and wonderful holiday!

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ProtoShare for Google Drive adds #Slack integration.

Really excited to announce that we’ve added integration with Slack to ProtoShare for Google Drive.  This lets you add and share mockups and prototypes directly in Slack.

ProtoShare for Google Drive is a free, lightweight prototyping tool that lets you build and share prototypes using Google Drive. It’s not as powerful as our standalone ProtoShare product, but it can be a handy tool for quick and dirty prototyping.  Install ProtoShare for Drive here.  Within ProtoShare for Drive, we’ve added a ‘Post to Slack’ button:

Post to Slack

Post prototypes and mockups to Slack using ProtoShare for Google Drive.

After you click “Post to Slack”, choose a Slack channel, make your mockup publicly readable (if you want others to be able to interact with the mockup) and a screenshot of the mockup with a link to interact with it shows up in your Slack channel.

Add mockups and designs to your Slack channel.

Add mockups and designs to your #slack channel.

Clicking on the link brings up the mockup, allowing you to interact with it, and allowing other users to clone the design and make there own changes.

Slack users interactive mockups and prototypes

Slack users can interact with prototypes, or copy the design and make their own changes.

We’ve been playing with this for a few weeks now, and it’s a lot of fun, and a really quick and useful way to illustrate your ideas in Slack. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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What color should that button be?

Comprehensive article about color and marketing here.  Really enjoyed the read – lots of supporting documentation and covers a wide range.  In the end, though, the author sums it up with:

Color psychology will always be an art form.


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Exporting Wireframes & Prototypes

An important feature in ProtoShare is being able to export your work to an HTML archive, Word document or PDF. This allows you to have a fully interactive archive of your project and documentation specifying the details of your project that you can share with clients and web developers. What makes this feature even more important is that it allows you and others to view your work while offline.

The option to export your project is found under the Pages tab. You are able to export all pages on the project or just the pages that are selected in the Page Tree.

Wireframe & Prototype Export

Wireframe & Prototype Export

In the Export menu are various options that can be selected to customize your export, such as publishing an HTML export to the web and adding screenshots of all page designs to the Word/PDF document. Once the export has completed, the Export History menu will open and show the export that you created as well as past exports, a “Browse” link to the online export (if exported to web), and the ability to download exports. You may also Publish or Unpublish your exports from this menu.

Export History (click for larger view)

Export History

Something to keep in mind while exporting is that if you publish the export to the web and have selected all pages to be exported, you will also export your Home page. For navigation purposes, some users do not use the Home page as a landing page, so if they use the link to view the export online, it may come up with a blank page. If you do not have content on your Home page, it is best to export all other pages so as to produce a starting page that contains a generated sitemap allowing easy access to the remaining pages.

We have also created a short video that shows you how to export your project. The video is under For Editors > General > Export on the Prototype Video Tutorials page. As always – our friendly customer service is here to help if you have additional questions. You can reach us by email, via live chat, or by phone at 1.877.938.9834.

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Mobile First is a Hoax?

Interesting and quick read on IXDA on Linked In:  Mobile First is a Hoax.  (If you’re not a member, sign up!)  The long and short of it is the writer’s opinion that Desktop First results in a better final product.   He makes some good points, but ultimately, I think Mobile First focuses you better on the most important items first.

One place I do agree with the author completely – you can’t just design for mobile (or desktop) and expect a responsive framework to do all your work for you.  You really need to plan out the experience for different sized devices.  And in my experience that means desktop, tablet and phone, despite the fact that screen sizes and touch vs. mouse are rapidly changing and proliferating.

As always – let us know your thoughts!

Mobile First Prototype with ProtoShare

Mobile First Prototype with ProtoShare

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