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Collaborative Prototyping, Groupthink and Design by Committee

Do you think that collaboration is something to avoid or to embrace? Still relevant, 4 years later, Collaborative Prototyping, Groupthink and Design by Committee is an excellent read that addresses this question and just so happens to be authored by our own Andrew Mottaz.

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We’ve joined forces with Astound Commerce!

I’m happy to share the news with you that we have been acquired by Astound Commerce.  Astound Commerce have been building and delivering ecommerce solutions for leading brands like Adidas and L’Oreal since 2000. They’ve also been ProtoShare customers for many years.

We’re excited about this combination. Working with Astound will give us additional resources and years of experience to help us continue to grow and improve ProtoShare. Astound has helped us in the past with new feature development derived from their work. Having access to Astound’s deep experience with practical UX development approaches and using prototyping will keep us flush with ideas and insights for continuing to improve ProtoShare.

Other than seeing continued improvements and the Astound name alongside ProtoShare on communications from us, you probably won’t notice any changes with ProtoShare.  We’ll continue to provide the same great customer service and product experience you’re used to.

I’m really looking forward to this new relationship, and I’m looking forward to continuing to make ProtoShare great for many years.  As always, I would love to hear your thoughts or questions!

Andrew Mottaz
Founder and CEO

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The benefits of high-fidelity wireframes

I wanted to share an article I read recently about the benefits of creating high-fidelity wireframes. As our users know, ProtoShare is agnostic when it comes to the level of detail necessary to create effective wireframes. Very simple, as well as complex designs, can be created, depending on the requirements. The article, Smart UX: High­-Fidelity Wireframes, identifies advantages to creating the latter but recognizes that they do not replace the need for simple designs. Often, a successful project will contain multiple wireframes for each page that have varying levels of complexity.

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Happy Presidents’ Day

Our offices will be closed Monday, February 15th, in observance of Presidents’ Day. Standard customer service will be unavailable; however, our engineers will be monitoring for critical issues.

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Interactive Accordion Panel Guide

You’ll find a variety of accordion panels in our Stencil & Widget Library to use in your ProtoShare designs. However, if you’re interested in creating a custom accordion panel from scratch, I’ve put together an interactive guide to help you through the process.


Accordion Panel created from scratch in ProtoShare

Accordion Panel created in ProtoShare


In ProtoShare, accordion panels can be tricky business because of all the moving parts. In the guide, you’ll see the process broken down into 4 steps. Click here to see the guide in action and be on your to creating your own accordion panel.


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