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Ode to the Hamburger


Credit: Eric Arbe

I’ve had mixed feelings about the ‘Hamburger’ menu used on Mobile.  I tend to not see them.  If I’m lost, however, I will seek them out. They feel like an idiom that is not quite fully ingrained.  I think they’re getting there, though.  I’m convinced that they will be wired to muscle memory for most within a few years.  They do solve a problem: how do I put lots of options on a small screen?

Vincent Feeny at indietech as an interesting article about this – “Can we leave hamburgers alone?“.  Take a look and let me know what you think!

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Anchor Links in ProtoShare

Anchor links allow you to navigate (or jump) to other locations on the same design. Creating anchor links in ProtoShare is a two step process.

1) Specify an ID (#id) in the Mark-up section of the Inspector of the target component(s) you want to automatically scroll to:

#id field in the Inspector







2) Add that same ID in the On Click – Link property of the trigger component to create a link from the triggering component to the target component.

On Click – Link field of the Inspector







Be sure to use Run or Review to test anchor links, as links cannot be followed in the editor. Here’s an example mock up that includes anchor links.

Our friendly customer service is here to help if you have additional questions. You can reach us by email, live chat, or by phone at 1.877.938.9834.

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Design With People, Not For Them

Interesting article about ego and designers from hongkiat – I love the sentence “Designing with the people you and your clients want to reach, rather than for them, is key.”  When you’re able to make collaboration work to get everyone in a project on the same page, the results are amazing.  Use ProtoShare to make that happen for your organization.

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ProtoShare 9.4.6 releasing March 1st

We’re releasing ProtoShare 9.4.6 on March 1st.  This release consists of changes to the Listing in the ProtoShare Editor.  The Listing is a feature that allows you to see an outline view of any component on your design, and to select, move, re-order or perform other operations on one or more components.

ProtoShare Component Outline

ProtoShare Component Outline


Show/Hide control for all Components

Current: Eyeball to toggle hide/show only when state attached to a component

Attaching a “State” to a component (to hide or show it) causes an ‘eyeball’ icon to appear to the left of that element in the Outline. Clicking the eyeball changes States to show or hide the component.

New: All components have an eyeball to toggle hide/show. Components with states attached have a lightning bolt.

We’ve added an eyeball to every component in the Outline. Clicking the eyeball will hide or show that component. This is a really useful feature when working on prototypes with many components or layers, by allowing you to hide some of the elements while you are working.  By combining this with Container components, you can use the listing to work with different ‘layers’ in your prorotype.

The icon for a component with a State attached is now a lightning bolt.  Clicking the lightning bolt will show or hide the component by changing the appropriate states.


Actions indicator in the Outline

The other change to the Outline involves identifying components that have Actions attached to them.  Actions in ProtoShare are events (like clicking or hovering on a component) that trigger States to change.  Today, the Outline does not show you which components have Actions.

New: Components with Actions attached show a hand icon to the right of the name.

Outline will display a ‘hand’ icon to the right of any component which has an Action attached.

Thanks for all your feedback on these additions – happy prototyping!

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UX Resources

Wanted to share a really nice article cataloging and categorizing many different UX articles.  Mariusz Ciesla provides links for everything from design process to user psychology to learning technology.  Check it out!

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