ProtoShare 3.5: Arrived 23 August 2009

UPDATE: (Tuesday, 25 August, 14:12 PDT) ProtoShare upgrade issues were fixed last night, and the tool is performing very well. Thanks for all your feedback and compliments. You can always keep up-to-date with us on Twitter.

(Monday, 24 August, 10:11 PDT) ProtoShare was successfully upgraded to version 3.5 on early Sunday morning. So far, it all looks to have gone well; however, a few customers have reported issues in creating new or archiving projects. The engineers have identified the cause of the issue, and should have a fix published by the end of today. As always, if you have any issues or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. Thanks.

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We’ve been hard at work on the next ProtoShare – Version 3.5 (code name: Hungry Hippo) – that arrives on Sunday, August 23. The new release has many valuable new features like editor support for the Safari 4 browser, native cut/copy and paste, numerous speed and performance improvements and, most importantly, enhanced ability to use ProtoShare for more stages of your development process and work flow. Earlier this week, Director of Sales, Josh Chaney gave a preview of ProtoShare 3.5, below are the quick video highlights.

The new feature that significantly increases the tool’s flexibility and value is multiple layouts per page. ProtoShare 3.5 supports multiple wireframes, design comps, and live site views per page.

This support allows you to use ProtoShare throughout all stages of your development process:

  • Pull a website(s) into ProtoShare to collaboratively workshop, discuss, reference, or brainstorm ideas and concepts before you start wireframing
  • Create and test multiple wireframes and layouts on the same page
  • Upload design comps (even add hyperlink regions on top of the artwork and give your reviewers a more interactive experience.)
  • Pull in the site while in development to collaboratively make comments, monitor, or compare to the approved prototype and creative

Native cut/copy and paste works like you’d expect: control/command-C to copy, and control/command-V to paste. However, once copied to the clipboard, you can paste the selection anywhere within ProtoShare. Paste it to another page, another template, another project, or even into another account.

The speed improvements and performance enhancements are discussed in the video, and will be detailed in release notes. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the new features of ProtoShare 3.5. We think you’ll like what you see, and like it even more when you use it.

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