Introducing ProtoShare Consulting Services

Consulting Services for ProtoShare are now available. If you need help prototyping a complex website, simulating rich Internet functionality, or transitioning from another system, let us do the heavy lifting. We will work with you to plan and build custom solutions that meet your specific needs and that support your overall business strategy. Your success is our primary goal! To request a quote, please complete this form.

We offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of the prototyping process including:

Building templates

Creating resources that can be reused across projects by multiple stakeholders is an important way to maximize your team’s efficiency and success. In ProtoShare, templates are the primary way to reuse resources such as headers, footers, and sub-navigation.
ProtoShare Consulting Services can build a flexible and extensible library of templates that meet your current requirements and that grow with your future needs. We can create a collection of stock company templates or custom templates for your key clients.

Creating custom components

To support the creation of rich prototypes, ProtoShare includes a large number of built-in components. These components can be used individually or they can be combined in unique and complex ways. Moreover, you can create any component by specifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

ProtoShare Consulting Services can create custom components that suit your specific needs. From complex navigation schemes to completely customized components, we can create a prototyping experience that is visually and functionally compelling.

Transitioning from another tool

Prototyping has been accepted as a best-practice by many software professionals and organizations. This wide acceptance is matched by the large variety of tools used to create prototypes. Everything from simple drawing and presentation applications to complex development environments have been tried – with varying levels of success.

ProtoShare Consulting Services can help you transition from your legacy prototyping tool to ProtoShare. We can reproduce content and interactivity from almost any tool, providing you with continuity and peace of mind for all your projects.

Incorporating branding information

Whether your audience is an internal development team or a big-name client, branding can be an important way to bring your prototype to life. Including a client’s logo and design aesthetic, or a corporate color scheme and terminology can add a comforting feeling of familiarity, while strengthening project ownership.

ProtoShare Consulting Services can incorporate your branding information. We can create brand-specific designs, content, and styles to produce the desired look and feel.

Training your team

ProtoShare projects typically involve multiple stakeholders with diverse skills such as information architects, designers, and developers. Bringing everyone up to speed can be a real challenge. And with advanced functionality such as rich Internet simulation, stateful wireframes, and complex navigation schemes, there’s a lot to learn!

ProtoShare Consulting Services can train your team on how to maximize the benefits of ProtoShare. You’ll learn the necessary skills to efficiently develop compelling prototypes, while increasing efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.
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