ProtoShare Included by O’Reilly in “Top 50 Most USable RIAs”

According to O’Reilly Media’s  Inside RIA, ProtoShare is among the ranks of Google Maps, Mint, Quicken Online/a>, Mini Cars, and others as the one of the Top 50 Most Usable RIAs (Rich Internet Applications). We are quite proud of our … Continue reading

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Font Name Trademarks. Browser-Based HTML Editors. And Lawyers. Oh my!

Are Google, Blogger, Oracle, Adobe, and hundreds of other companies with browser-based HTML editors potentially violating someone’s trademark? According to the Cease and Desist letter we received from a major law firm, someone believes the answer is “yes.” Site9 CEO, Andrew … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye IE6. We Held On As Long As We Could.

What does ProtoShare have in common with YouTube? 37 Signals? The country of Norway? And many other software companies and websites? They have all dropped support for Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). Protoshare 3.5, released on 23 August, is not IE6 … Continue reading

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ProtoShare 3.5: Arrived 23 August 2009

UPDATE: (Tuesday, 25 August, 14:12 PDT) ProtoShare upgrade issues were fixed last night, and the tool is performing very well. Thanks for all your feedback and compliments. You can always keep up-to-date with us on Twitter. (Monday, 24 August, 10:11 … Continue reading

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Firefox 3.5 + ProtoShare = Lickety Split

Want a quick, easy, significant (and free) way to speed up the performance of ProtoShare? Download and install FireFox 3.5. Because ProtoShare is a web-based tool that uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, your browser is responsible for a lot of … Continue reading

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