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ProtoShare is attending Web2.0 Expo in San Francisco this May. The event runs from May 3 – 6, again at the Moscone Center West. Let us know if you are attending; we’d love to meet with you.

We’ve been working hard on a major re-branding effort in addition to further development of ProtoShare. Our engineers and marketing staff have been locked down in the office (with coffee and donuts, of course) working mightily to get these efforts completed; so unfortunately, we will not be exhibiting this year. But one of our founders and VP Marketing, Blake Johnson, and COO, Charlie Burrows, are attending and would love to meet you, hear your stories, and share with you all our upcoming advancements. Contact me directly (andrea at, or at 503.248.4440 x122 if you would like to meet with Blake or Charlie at the conference.

This year’s conference is focused on Platforms for Growth, highlighting ways companies are continually changing the way we use the Internet. This is an important topic to us because ProtoShare is a web-based tool that’s changing the way companies and organizations carry out the website and interactive application development process. We’re working with companies to move their requirements processes from paper documents and/or a static specification to a visual, collaborative, iterative approach between teams and stakeholders, thereby reducing project misunderstandings, rework, and cost.

This will be another great Web 2.0 Expo. We hope to see you there.

P.S. Don’t miss Raven Zachery, our friend and office mate, present on the iPad and mobile computing.

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