ProtoShare 3.9 speeds workflow, simplifies collaboration process

Latest release of prototyping tool addresses popular customer feature requests

Portland, Ore. – June 15, 2010 – Site9, Inc., developer of the industry’s fastest growing collaborative prototyping tool for websites and web applications, today announced the release of ProtoShare 3.9. Primary upgrades are a redesigned collaboration interface for prototype reviewers and improvements to the clippings functionality in the wireframe editor.

Reviewers of interactive projects, often stakeholders or clients of the project, will now access a website or web application prototype with fewer steps through a cleaner, more intuitive interface. The update allows reviewers to experience and collaborate on the prototype more easily, thereby providing better feedback for development teams. “The simpler Reviewer interface helps people focus on the wireframes, not the tool. We look forward to using it with our clients to get them involved in the review process sooner,” said Chris Adams, Senior Art Director of Rolling Orange.

Prior to the release of ProtoShare 3.9, clippings were simply a grouping of components used as mini-master templates throughout the prototype. While popular, developers had issues when updating or changing a clipping. In ProtoShare 3.9, the clippings are now tied to a single source, allowing developers to edit the source and cascade the changes to all related clippings in the prototype, providing an instant update throughout the prototype. “I’m excited about this release. Being able to instantly update the same content module placed on multiple pages will be a huge time-saver,” added Adams.

In addition, developers can now quickly access their clippings in the Editor’s palette, reducing the number of steps needed to access them, and accelerating the workflow in the prototyping tool.

“When it comes to advancing ProtoShare, we listen to the needs of our customers,” said Site9 CEO Andrew Mottaz. “The updates in ProtoShare 3.9 were popular requests so we knew we had to make them happen. The improvements really do enhance workflow for developers and project engagement for reviewers. Together they result in a better and faster prototyping and collaboration process, and that makes our customers happy.”

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