A Customer Review on ProtoShare 5 Prototyping Software

We came across a neat post today that is worth a shout out.

Long-time ProtoShare customer, Elevated Third (a full-service interactive agency based in Denver), recently upgraded their account to the latest version of ProtoShare (ProtoShare 5 released earlier this year) and shared their reaction to the changes (video demonstration included!). Thanks, Judd, for sharing this information!

Overhauling our application was a big decision on our part and, we think, totally worth the time and effort to get it out the door. If you missed it before, here is CEO Andrew’s post on the topic.

It’s always great to hear from customers who appreciate our efforts to continuously improve ProtoShare and make your jobs easier.  We love hearing from you.  If you have a review of ProtoShare or a feature request, don’t be shy.  Let us know!

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