ProtoShare 5.3, Collaboration-focused Pricing

We released ProtoShare 5.3 on Saturday, July 23rd, and along with it updated our pricing to improve collaboration for all of our customers.

We’ve received a lot of feedback about what our customers are looking for from our pricing models. One of the most common complaints we had was that limited reviewer licenses meant a lot of unnecessary user management. We took a good hard look at our pricing model and decided that our pricing implemented an unnecessary reviewer tax. We are firm believers in sharing early and sharing often, and our reviewer limited plans just made that too difficult for our customers.

So we’ve changed. Our new pricing plans offer reviewers per project, which allows you to create an unlimited number of reviewer accounts, but limits the number of reviewers who can be on any given project. This means no more deleting, re-using or otherwise messing around with reviewer accounts.

And we’ll be adding even more features to review in the next release, so that the process of reviewing prototypes, making decisions and moving your project forward are that much easier.

I hope you all enjoy the new features in 5.3, and start using the ‘Share’ function of ProtoShare even more.

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One Comment to ProtoShare 5.3, Collaboration-focused Pricing

  1. Bob says:

    This was a good change guys.

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