Adobe® Proto Ain’t ProtoShare®

Adobe Systems Incorporated recently announced a new product they call Adobe® Proto.

Normally, we don’t comment on other company’s products, but in this case we’ve received some confused messages from customers and prospects thinking Adobe® Proto and ProtoShare® are the same product. They aren’t.

ProtoShare Collaborative Prototyping

ProtoShare® — Collaborative Prototyping

ProtoShare®, first released in 2008, allows customers to create interactive prototypes of websites and other web software at any level of fidelity, from low to high, for any device, without installing any software. ProtoShare® also features true “collaborative prototyping”, in that using ProtoShare®, customers can ask questions and get feedback from stakeholders, make decisions, and keep a record of all collaboration in one secure place.

As best we can tell, if you install Adobe® Proto on your Android device (as it only works on Android devices at this point), you can create simple wireframes with limited interactivity and then send your wireframes to the Adobe Creative Cloud® to seek comments. I’m sure it’s a fine product, but it isn’t ProtoShare®.

We would have preferred if our friends at Adobe Systems Incorporated had chosen a name for their new product that wasn’t so similar to ProtoShare®. But they didn’t.

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