ProtoShare 6.2 is Coming with Mobile Prototyping

Get ready for our next big release in just a few weeks! In addition to some pretty cool additions, ProtoShare 6.2 includes features to support your mobile prototyping needs.

Here are features and capabilities you can expect from ProtoShare 6.2:

Mobile Prototyping

  • Pre-configured mobile screen guides for popular mobile devices (both portrait and landscape views)
  • View-on-Device feature – link your browser and your device to test a prototype directly on the device, then provide detailed feedback in your browser
  • 2D and 3D animated transitions to simulate native applications with greater fidelity
  • Access mobile stencils from a central resource

Other Updates

  • Hi-res support for the Smart Image component
  • New Link Mode in the Editor – quickly draw invisible links on design comps to create clickable design mockups
  • New State Value Name component – show the active value of a state to explain what’s happening on a given page
  • Add profile pictures and job titles to personalize your user account
  • Container scrolling – easily simulate scrollable regions and panels
  • Removed inactivity timeout – ProtoShare will attempt to keep you logged in as long as your browser window is open, regardless if you are actively using the application

The finishing touches are being placed on this release, so stay tuned for the official release announcement.

Also, we’re looking for current customers to beta the new release. 10 slots available. Contact Andrea at

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