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Update¬†(July 9, 2012) — We’ve released a newer version of the library for ProtoShare 6.3 Access the stencil and widget library here.

Update — We’ve just added the Android Icon Set to the library.

We’re excited to introduce the ‘beta’ version of our stencils and widgets palette today along with ProtoShare 6.2. We’re starting with a handful of items for iPhone and iPad. The stencils and widgets can include all of ProtoShare’s functionality, including images and states. You can access the stencil and widget palette here.

We’re currently moderating the stencil library ourselves, but we’re working a facility for our customers to create widgets, either to donate back to ProtoShare’s library, or to create private libraries for their own internal use.

Right now, we need your help. We’d like to know what kind of stencils and widgets you’d like to see. Either leave us a comment below, or send us an email at customerservice [at] to let us know if you find these useful, or have any questions or comments. If you’ve built something special in your ProtoShare instance that you’d like to make available, get in touch with us to discuss adding it to the library.

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  1. Ambica says:

    We would like to see Android Widgets

    • Andrew Mottaz says:

      Thanks Ambica – we’re working on it!

  2. Alexis says:

    Would love to see a stencil with basic shapes, lines and arrows as in Visio or Omnigraffle.

    That, plus the ability to insert thumbnails of pages into a diagram will open a whole new use-case for Protoshare – creation of Information Architecture diagrams, website maps, workflows, etc.

    • Andrew Mottaz says:

      Thanks for the comment Alexis. We’re considering adding support for a ‘page thumbnail’ component which could alternatively display as an icon. If we combined this with resizable arrows, would that work for you?

    • Ben Shoemate says:

      +1 for workflow stencils. The developers want to use protoshare to document process diagrams. In the end we use wireframes to tell stories about what is happening on the page, boxes and arrows would help this a lot.

  3. KOZEFX says:

    For ui elements/stencils, just cover everything that has been defined in these templates:

    As far as widgets with dynamic actions, perhaps the ‘picklist spinner cylinder’ (for lack of a better word) where you define options in columns and can swipe up and down to spin the respective cylinder and go through the options. There is a jquery one existing and sencha touch also, i believe.

    • Andrew Mottaz says:

      Thanks for this. The speckyboy stencils aren’t open source, but we’re working on adding the full complement of UI elements to our resources.

      For the second item – one possible workaround ( depending on what you’re going for ). If you use a ‘select’ component, then when you choose it on the device ( say the iphone ), then the native spinner control will appear. (Although we’re working on building a useful version of that component for times when you’re not on a device. )

  4. Jason Gibb says:

    I’m happy to see you’re work on a more extensive stencil library. When will it be integrated with the application? (rather than just a link on your blog)

    A lot of competitive products have library websites full of stencils (including user-created stencils) to download and use in your own prototypes and wireframes. As a heavy OmniGraffle user, I would love to see a comprehensive set of stencils for wireframing like these:

    • Andrew Mottaz says:

      Thanks Jason,

      We’re hard a work on a larger stencil set that will be released with the next ProtoShare version.

      You can also take existing stencils that are .png files and drag and drop them onto your ProtoShare canvas. The library items we’re building also have states, animation and other functionality, but image files can be a useful addition to your prototyping.

  5. lynn says:

    I noticed that the icons are really big when you drop them onto the canvas. There doesn’t appear to be a way to resize them. The height and width coordinates are locked in the inspector. Is there a way around this?

    • Andrew Mottaz says:

      There is a ‘stretch to fill’ button in the inspector for image. If you check that, you can resize the button. If you hold down the shift key after you click the resize handle, the button will maintain its aspect ratio. We’ve got some changes coming up for the next release of ProtoShare which should make this more intuitive.

  6. Justin says:

    Would love to see more than just bootstrap, Bourbon Neat and Bourbon Bitters are great responsive sass frameworks as well and far less opinionated than bootstrap

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