We Want Your Love (and Your Feedback)

We Love Feedback

As a company, we really have two goals: We want every one of our customers to love ProtoShare, and we want every one of our customers to love the experience of working with us.  Seriously. We’re always trying to get closer to the “love” on both of these goals.

In terms of the product, it’s almost as if ProtoShare is our child. When people compliment it, we beam; when they criticize it, we’re hurt (and, probably, sometimes a little defensive). But we always listen. We use the feedback we get from customers to build new features, and when we get word of bugs, we fix them as quickly as possible. We think the result is that ProtoShare is the most powerful tool in the market for true “Collaborative Prototyping”.

One thing that frustrates me is that it isn’t always easy for new customers to learn quickly all the powerful things ProtoShare can do. We often get calls from new customers (and sometimes even more experienced customers) who think they can’t do something with ProtoShare that they need to do when, in fact, they can. We need to improve how we communicate the product’s powerful features.

We continually try to improve the training videos. We also offer customized training and a weekly live webinar. And our customer support staff is always there to help. But we do need to do a better job of making it as obvious as possible in the application itself how to do things that our customers need to do.

The other thing we need to work on is explaining to our customers how collaborative prototyping with ProtoShare can fit within their workflows. I’m sure it’s frustrating to a new customer to see the promise of the product, but have the challenge of figuring out how to make it work within their organization. We’re working on this issue as well.

In terms of meeting our second goal, getting our customers to love the experience of working with our company, we’re always trying to improve. Our customer service group is very important in this process and receives great reviews from customers. We also provide personal account management and on-boarding training for larger accounts. We try to make billing and payment as easy and convenient as possible. The goal is LOVE (which might be tough to get to for any company), but we really want to get as close as we can.

Ultimately, only you can decide if you love ProtoShare and if you love working with our company. I’d really like to know what you think–positive and negative. The positives will help guide us to do more of the things you like (and make us feel good). The negatives will help us improve.

Please email me directly with your comments. My email is bwiggins at site9.com. I’ll respond to every message. Taking the time to write will help us improve the product and your experiences working with our company.

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