How ProtoShare Wireframe Software Works for Artonic

A ProtoShare Case Study

Powerful & Effective

As a Michigan Web Design Company, our job is to design and develop websites.  However, at Artonic, we don’t just design websites, we create custom marketing tools for our clients.  This requires research and in-depth planning to ensure our clients’ websites are powerful and effective tools to grow their businesses.

Artonic Web Design

Due to our unique, marketing-oriented approach, we require effective planning tools that help us reach our goals.  After researching several wireframing tools on the market, Artonic found ProtoShare.  ProtoShare has become one of the most important tools in our arsenal.  We use ProtoShare on virtually every web design and web application project that comes into our office.

Flexible & Collaborative

All the websites we design begin with a prototype.  At Artonic, we value the planning process very highly.  Nothing is done without considering every angle, which is why ProtoShare works so well for us.  With ProtoShare we can plan our website projects from beginning to end.  It’s easy to experiment with layout and navigation, because ProtoShare is such a flexible tool.  Making changes or updates to our wireframes is quick and easy, which is important in our business where change is constant.

Another feature we love about ProtoShare is the online collaboration we are able to have with our customers.  Our clients can login to the wireframe, review it, and make suggestions via Topics.  This way, our clients are able to communicate exactly what they want, or ask any questions they may have.  This also aids us when working with clients long-distance.  We love the fact that ProtoShare allows us to receive an email alert each time a new Topic is created and commented on.

Discovery & Creation

We also use ProtoShare in our Web Development Process.  There are many hidden factors in web development, and we use ProtoShare to uncover these issues.   This makes it easier for us during the programming process, because we don’t encounter so many unknowns.  ProtoShare allows us to create a well-rounded project.  We are able to discover, implement, and test features that normally wouldn’t be considered.

Saves & Makes Money

ProtoShare saves us money.  While planning complex projects, it is virtually impossible to uncover all aspects, features, and functions.  That is, unless you wireframe the project first.  We use ProtoShare as a tool for estimating and even charge just for this process on its own.  The completed wireframe is an agreed-upon prototype.  This makes it very easy to quote a project accurately, and allows us to be competitive.  When our competitors, who don’t wireframe their projects like we do, quote a project, they put a lot more guesswork into it.  Our costs are estimated with precision and we can feel confident about our proposal.  At the same time, our clients can feel confident that the quote we provide is exact – not padded and doesn’t leave anything out, which prevents unexpected costs and delays.

Our Favorite ProtoShare Features


  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Cutting Edge
  • Best Value
  • Cloud-Based

Protoshare is an excellent tool for any web design company.   This wireframing tool helps us determine the best way to design a website, so it’s effective and cost efficient, and will demonstrate all of the features that are to be included.

Using a high-quality wireframing tool like ProtoShare is rare amongst web companies.  Many of our competitors are still using whiteboards.  ProtoShare is online and collaborative for efficient and effective communication between our customers and Artonic.  We love the fact that ProtoShare allows us to stand out from the competition and distinguish ourselves as a leading Web Design Company in Michigan.

This post was written by Danielle Edwards, Internet Marketing Specialist & SEO for Artonic, a Michigan Web Design Company located in Tecumseh, MI. 

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Tecumseh, MI  49286

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