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Thank You iRise!

ProtoShare Sweeps the Floor with Axure in iRise Analysis

If you put “ProtoShare” into Google, a paid ad from iRise comes up, offering a comparison of iRise to ProtoShare and other prototyping tools.  Being a curious sort, I recently requested the report.

Not surprisingly, in iRise’s report, iRise does rather well, with green dots beside every attribute the report deems important.  iRise is an expensive, enterprise-class application (and it was their report), so that didn’t come as much of a surprise.

What did come as a pleasant surprise was how well ProtoShare stacked up against iRise in iRise’s report, and, even more importantly, how we blew the doors off Axure.  Here is the report, courtesy of iRise.

Out of the 26 attributes iRise considered important, the report says that ProtoShare has 13 (6 fully and 7 partially), while Axure has only 8 (and all of those only partially).

We might quibble about some aspects of iRise’s report, and I note that iRise did not even include the latest version of ProtoShare in its analysis.  Nevertheless, iRise’s report certainly serves as an unbiased summary of how ProtoShare stacks up against Axure, and for that, we say “Thank You iRise.”

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