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We have just released another new product – ProtoShare Mockups for Confluence! Confluence is Atlassian’s popular collaboration tool and we think you will be thrilled with the integration ProtoShare has made with the tool. We just recently released another new product – ProtoShare Mockups for JIRA – another popular Atlassian product. I have to admit; this is the most fun I’ve had with prototypes in a while.

The really great thing about our integration with Confluence is that you can embed and interact with ProtoShare mockups directly in your Confluence pages. The result is that you can add mockups, interactivity and comment on live-views of existing websites and the process works seamlessly with your existing Confluence workflow. You can also add documentation, discussions and additional content right in with the mockups while Confluence tracks all of your versions and makes collaboration a snap.

Just to clarify, ProtoShare Mockups for Confluence (as well as ProtoShare Mockups for JIRA) is not a link between ProtoShare SaaS and Confluence, but a separate, lighter-weight editor app. The page tree and navigation don’t exist in ProtoShare for Confluence, and ProtoShare’s review features are replaced by Confluence’s collaboration. This add-on is perfect for when you want to quickly add mockups to Confluence because ProtoShare Mockups for Confluence makes it fast, easy and integrated.

If you’re a Confluence or JIRA user, try these add-ons! And let us know your thoughts on how you would like to see ProtoShare SaaS integrated in with these (or other) tools.

Check out our intro to ProtoShare for Confluence video.

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  1. Harry Crawford says:

    Hi I am currently evaluating prototype and Wire-frame tools with a view to making these available to my teams.
    I work as a the product development manager for an international organisation in the trade finance space and have been looking for a tool that provides the sort of features that Protoshare offers.
    I am particularly interested in being able to use existing CSS we already have in the prototypes and in the prototype HTML & CSS being ‘As useful as possible’ to the developers when they carry out the development.
    We have Jira and Confluence and I am the administrator of both these for the organisation.
    Getting to the point, you mention above that the Jira version of the protoshare product is a cut down version. I will need to evaluate:
    1. what the differences are between the two versions? Please provide details if possible.
    2. if a prototype created in the Jira version can be opened or imported in the full version of your product?
    3. likewise if a prototype created in the full version can be imported into the Jira version.
    It is likely that we will only purchase full versions or the Jira version (not both) if there is no export/import ability.
    An understanding on the points above would be greatly appreciated.

    • Bob Wiggins says:

      Harry, thank you for your comment on our blog. We’re glad you’re looking at ProtoShare.

      Using ProtoShare, you can certainly use CSS you have already created in your prototypes, either by the use of a style sheet, which ProtoShare SaaS supports, or by means of our “Advanced HTML” component, which you can use to create custom ProtoShare components, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript you already have created. ProtoShare code is of course HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and it is exportable. We recently added an export option that makes the exported code more useful in the development process.

      You are correct that ProtoShare for JIRA is somewhat different from the SaaS version of ProtoShare. Here are the main differences:

      1. ProtoShare for JIRA does not include the collaboration system found in the SaaS version of ProtoShare (called review). Collaboration on a ProtoShare design in JIRA is handled within the JIRA framework.
      2. Unlike the Business Edition of ProtoShare SaaS, there is no ProtoShare-specific versioning system in ProtoShare for JIRA. Again, versioning is handled within the JIRA framework.
      3. ProtoShare for JIRA allows creation of single page designs, while SaaS ProtoShare allows the creation of full sites with page trees and navigation. The idea of ProtoShare for JIRA is to illustrate an issue in a JIRA ticket, not to be an entire site prototype.
      4. ProtoShare for JIRA does not support a custom style-sheet unless you use the advanced HTML component.

      A prototype created in ProtoShare for JIRA cannot be imported into a ProtoShare SaaS project and a prototype created in the SaaS version of ProtoShare cannot be imported into a JIRA prototype. You can, however, cut and paste most components between ProtoShare SaaS and ProtoShare for JIRA.

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