ProtoShare Challenge Winners


As many of you know, we conducted the ProtoShare Challenge during the month of July. We challenged ProtoShare users to submit some of their best interactive prototypes made with ProtoShare, for a chance to win a $1000 Grand Prize, and three (3) $250 Honorable Mention Prizes. Prototypes were judged on the basis of the quality of the design, user experience, completeness and overall effectiveness of their interactive prototypes.

We’re happy to announce that the $1000 Grand Prize winner is Barbara Miles of BetterCloud, who built a compelling interactive prototype of a mobile application. We also created a short video of the application, which walks through the interactivity. Congratulations Barbara!

We’re also very happy to announce the three Honorable Mention winners. William Drol of hfa built a very deep interactive prototype of a non-profit web site, which you can see here. Matt Harper of Artonic built a great interactive prototype of a commercial web site, which you can see here. And Dave Roach of Custom Software Lab built a very nice interactive prototype of a commercial web site, which you can see here. Each Honorable Mention winner receives $250.

We received quite a few entries in the ProtoShare Challenge, so we can’t display all of them. In addition to the winners, we did select a few other entries that we felt were particularly good at showing some of the high-fidelity work you can do with ProtoShare, which can be found on the prototyping examples page.

We had a lot of fun holding the ProtoShare Challenge, and learned more about what our customers are doing with ProtoShare. I’m sure we’re going to run the Second Annual ProtoShare Challenge some time next year.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in the ProtoShare Challenge.

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