Fox Broadcasting Uses ProtoShare to Help Meet Deadlines and Save Money

We were very happy to see an article that went up this week on PRWeek, about how our customer Fox Broadcasting uses ProtoShare to prototype their digital content.

In the article, Marc Van Norden, VP of product management and engineering at Fox Broadcasting, describes how Fox uses ProtoShare in their process and the benefits they get from ProtoShare.

“Our ability to spec things out, really see what they look like, and get buy-in and sign-off from multiple stakeholders before we get into the full development phase has been invaluable. It equates to cost savings because defining requirement is one thing, but showing a certain level of fidelity in how it’s going to look and function reduces change orders and time. Most of our deadlines are hard and tied to on-air so change is usually costly. . . .ProtoShare allowed us to prove that as much as we were driving in the direction to simplify, there were business needs that required us to be a bit more robust. Ultimately, it allowed us to develop a tangible prototype that resonated with, and worked for internal stakeholders before we fully developed the new site.”

Check out the entire article at PRWeek. We appreciate great ProtoShare customers like Fox Broadcasting, and we appreciate that Marc took the time to share what Fox is doing.

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