ProtoShare 9.3 – Release on February 15, 2014

We’re releasing ProtoShare 9.3 on February 15.  When we release 9.3, we are also releasing our much-requested IOS7 stencils set.

We had to make these two releases coincide, because IOS7 stencils required us to add some support for additional style settings to make the stencils really look and feel like IOS7.  The good news is that you’ll now have access to a wider range of style settings for all of your ProtoShare prototypes!  Here are the additions:

  1. Support for text shadow setting.
  2. Support for text opacity.
  3. Support for additional text weights.
  4. Line-height setting for text.
  5. Separate support for background opacity, foreground opacity settings.
  6. Support for element rotation setting.

You’ll find all of these options in the element inspector in the ProtoShare editor.  They are available for all style settings – normal, hover, press and active.

When we release 9.3 on Saturday, we’ll also update the stencil library to include our IOS7 stencil set.  Let us know what you think and what other stencils you’d like to see.

IOS7 Stencils for ProtoShare

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