ProtoShare 9.4.8 releasing on April 15th

We are pleased to announce our latest ProtoShare update, scheduled for April 15th.

Centered Review

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Center Designs in Review Option

When creating a new Project, you now have the option to set the project to show designs centered while in Review.

While in Review mode, there will be white margins to the left and right of centered designs to ensure the design is centered based on the browser window’s size.

Centered review mode can be set at the project level as well as on individual designs.

You can turn off centered designs in Review anytime from the Dashboard tab of your project or the page design properties panel.


Miscellaneous Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

  • Additional topic colors have been added
  • The Radio Button and Checkbox component text is now properly aligned
  • Shapes from the Stencil & Widget Library may now use different stroke styles
  • Changed the scrollbar defaults for pasted text, multi-line text box & Advanced HTML Component text
  • An issue with RIA Components not loading properly the first time around has been resolved
  • Added support for filtering topics by number of replies
  • Fixed a topic filtering bug that caused an issue when trying to view unsubscribed topics after following a link
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Pin Color Menu to disappear
  • ProtoShare Plugin: Fixed a bug that caused states not to paste down properly between designs

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