Managing Projects

A project in ProtoShare is a collection of pages, designs, content and feedback. You can create as many projects in your ProtoShare account as your billing plan allows.

Depending on your role, you may not have access to some or all project management features.

You can perform some simple actions, like opening and duplicating individual projects right from your active projects list. For more elaborate project management, use the projects tab, which looks like this:

Projects Tab

Projects Tab

The projects tab is made up of a project list on the left, and a membership list on the right.

The membership list shows the users that are members of the selected projects. You can use the membership list to manage project members.

The project list supports multiple selection and can be sorted by clicking the column headers. In addition, you can filter the list by typing into its search field. Using the project list, you can createduplicaterenamearchive/activate and delete projects.

Next up, find out more about archiving and deleting projects.