6 Reasons To Use ProtoShare Even If You Can Code

There are some voices today who say you should skip prototyping and just start building. Particularly with frameworks such as Bootstrap, coding up responsive layouts is quicker than it was before these libraries were available.  While I’ll avoid saying ‘always’ … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hate Parallax-Scrolling Single-Page Websites

When I read the article Bob posted below, I noticed that many of the examples of quality sites are of the single-page parallax scrolling variety.  I have never liked this type of site, but the article spurred me to figure … Continue reading

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Making visualization and prototyping part of your enterprise process.

We’ve recently added some certified integration partners who have tremendous experience in helping enterprises adopt visualization as part of their internal processes. Our customers experience shows us that using ProtoShare can cut weeks or months off of their development processes, … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Responsive Design

Ran across a really good article by Michael Mace at UserTesting.com:  Responsive Design is Not Enough: 4 Steps to Make a Mobile Website Successful.  This article makes a point that I tried to make in the article Responsive Design with … Continue reading

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The ‘Browse By’ function in review

This is a recycle of an old article about Parallel Prototyping highlighting a feature we released back in ProtoShare 5.0.  We’ve had some questions about this, so we wanted to cover this again.  Many of you may have noticed the … Continue reading

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