Jason Fried of 37signals on Managing Conflict

37signals co-founder Jason Fried published an article in INC. titled Managing Conflict. It’s a good look at conflict and how it can be beneficial if managed properly. He also gives a few examples of how they actually handle conflict management. … Continue reading

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ProtoShare 3.8: A Quick Preview

UPDATE: ProtoShare 3.8 was successfully released on Saturday night, 3 April. All users are now on the new version. Release 3.8 is coming this weekend, April 3rd! Sorry for the short notice, but we’ve been busy testing and fixing little … Continue reading

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Six Killer Workflows Using Multiple Page Designs

  A powerful feature of ProtoShare is the ‘Multiple Designs per Page’ filmstrip, located in the Prototype section of the tool. The options available are: Wireframes, Comps and Live Views. All of these options are actually wireframes. The Comp is … Continue reading

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Create & Add Your Own Components in the Sandbox

At ProtoShare, we strongly believe in low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes. After all, wireframes aren’t the end goal, they are merely a tool to use in a larger process. Most of the time, simple wireframes kickstart the needed discussion to make … Continue reading

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Bugfixes and Usability Enhancements

Some things just can’t wait for formal releases. Case in point: the Review frame in ProtoShare 2.5 now auto-sizes to the size of the wireframe content. Previously, we just made the Review frame “really big” so everything would fit. Two … Continue reading

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