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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our office will be closed on November 26th and 27th (Thursday and Friday) for the Thanksgiving holiday. Normal customer service will be unavailable during these days, but we will still be monitoring e-mails for any critical issues. We hope that … Continue reading

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ProtoShare for Google Drive adds #Slack integration.

Really excited to announce that we’ve added integration with Slack to ProtoShare for Google Drive.  This lets you add and share mockups and prototypes directly in Slack. ProtoShare for Google Drive is a free, lightweight prototyping tool that lets you build … Continue reading

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What color should that button be?

Comprehensive article about color and marketing here.  Really enjoyed the read – lots of supporting documentation and covers a wide range.  In the end, though, the author sums it up with: Color psychology will always be an art form. Enjoy!

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Exporting Wireframes & Prototypes

An important feature in ProtoShare is being able to export your work to an HTML archive, Word document or PDF. This allows you to have a fully interactive archive of your project and documentation specifying the details of your project … Continue reading

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Mobile First is a Hoax?

Interesting and quick read on IXDA on Linked In:  Mobile First is a Hoax.  (If you’re not a member, sign up!)  The long and short of it is the writer’s opinion that Desktop First results in a better final product. … Continue reading

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