Here are the “Release Notes” Posts.

ProtoShare 9.3 – Release on February 15, 2014

We’re releasing ProtoShare 9.3 on February 15.  When we release 9.3, we are also releasing our much-requested IOS7 stencils set. We had to make these two releases coincide, because IOS7 stencils required us to add some support for additional style … Continue reading

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A New ProtoShare is Released!

The last major update for 2012 of ProtoShare collaborative prototyping software was released this past weekend! Read the full ProtoShare release notes. Current users will notice some friendly changes to the Account and Project dashboards for improved usability, as well … Continue reading

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New Styles & Community with ProtoShare 6.3

We have just announced the next release of ProtoShare: version 6.3! With it come several additions to improve the prototyping process, including a new Community Stencils & Widgets Library. Read the full release notes here. Here are details from the … Continue reading

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Mobile Prototyping and View on Device with ProtoShare 6.2

We are happy to announce the 6.2 release of ProtoShare. With it we have introduced the foundation needed to create mobile wireframes and prototypes for our Business Edition Customers. We’ve also included several updates for all our ProtoShare products. See … Continue reading

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ProtoShare 6.2 is Coming with Mobile Prototyping

Get ready for our next big release in just a few weeks! In addition to some pretty cool additions, ProtoShare 6.2 includes features to support your mobile prototyping needs. Here are features and capabilities you can expect from ProtoShare 6.2: Mobile … Continue reading

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