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President’s Day 2018

Our offices will be closed on Monday, February 19th in honor of President’s Day. Our team will be keeping an eye on support requests and emails in case of any urgent issues. We hope you enjoy the holiday!

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ProtoShare 9.5 releasing on January 20th

We’re happy to announce the release of ProtoShare 9.5, scheduled for Saturday, January 20th.

This release contains a number of quality-of-life additions and much requested changes.

Fixed Position Components

Components can now be configured as fixed_inspectorfixed position elements on a design. This allows¬†support for floating headers, fixed position footers, and any other elements you’d like to remain fixed.

Fixed Position Header

Fixed Position Header

MP4/WebM Video Component

The addition of the MP4/WebM video component bring native support for video files to ProtoShare. This component includes attributes for autoplay, controls hidden/visible, looping, and mute.

video_palette video_inspector

User Themes

Individual users can now customize their ProtoShare interface using six different themes available from their profile.

Themes Available

Themes Available

Image Placeholder Dimensions

Empty image components now, by default, display their dimensions without the need for supporting documentation or digging into the inspector panel. Placeholder text responds to font settings available in the inspector and toolbar.


Review URL Shortener

When sharing review links, especially when there are a large number of activated states,  the URLs can be especially lengthy. The option to shorten these URLs to a much more manageable size is available from the Get Review URL option.

URL Shortener in Review

URL Shortener in Review

Merge States

The states panel now contains the additional option to merge all local states on a design. This will take all exact duplicate states, those with the exact same name and values, and combine them. All components that use these states will be changed to point to the surviving single state.


Topic Pin Labels

Developers and above can now define custom labels for each topic pin colors used in review. This allows for consistency without relying on either outside references or memory. Topic pin labels can be defined from the project inspector panel.


Collapsible Inspector Panels

ProtoShare users on screens using low resolutions may have encountered problems with both the user and project inspector panels. The individual sections of these panels can now be collapsed.

Updated Icons

Icons have been updated throughout the application.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Our offices will be closed January 15th in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day. We will monitor for any critical issues however our usual support channels will be unavailable until Tuesday morning at 8am Pacific Time. Enjoy the holiday!

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Happy 2018!

With the New Year fast approaching, we have a quick reminder that our offices will be closed on Monday, January 1st in observance of the holiday. We hope you have a happy and safe New Years!

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Happy Holidays from ProtoShare and Site9!

We want to wish everyone a happy holiday!

Our office will be closed on December 25th, as we celebrate the holiday. Although our Customer Support will be unavailable on that day, we will still continue to monitor for any serious issues.

We hope you stay warm and safe this season!

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