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Interactive Accordion Panel Guide

You’ll find a variety of accordion panels in our Stencil & Widget Library to use in your ProtoShare designs. However, if you’re interested in creating a custom accordion panel from scratch, I’ve put together an interactive guide to help you through the process.


Accordion Panel created from scratch in ProtoShare

Accordion Panel created in ProtoShare


In ProtoShare, accordion panels can be tricky business because of all the moving parts. In the guide, you’ll see the process broken down into 4 steps. Click here to see the guide in action and be on your to creating your own accordion panel.


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Design Thinking – More Reasons to Use It.

The New York Times has an article on ‘Design Thinking for a better you‘.  With the start of the new year, its a great time to revisit the steps of design thinking, and recognize that this type of thinking is a really effective way of problem solving.

As summarized in the article, design thinking consists of 5 steps:

Step 1 is to “empathize” — learn what the real issues are that need to be solved. Next, “define the problem” — a surprisingly tough task. The third step is to “ideate” — brainstorm, make lists, write down ideas and generate possible solutions. Step 4 is to build a prototype or create a plan. The final step is to test the idea and seek feedback from others.

Reflecting on what inspired us to build ProtoShare – it really is this kind of thinking.  When we’re working on solving a new design problem, it’s really easy using ProtoShare work all five of these steps, and to iterate through the steps until you get where you’re trying to go.  The key here is really the collaboration – when all stakeholders can view and interact with your prototypes, leave feedback and upload information, you can easily crank out ideas and validate them with others.  When all the players have a shared understanding of the issues, you can make rapid progress and eliminate unnecessary rework.

It’s a new year – if you would like help improving your processes and incorporating design thinking, reach out to us.  Or if you’ve got tips and tricks, let us know and we’ll pass them along!

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Happy Holidays from our team!

We want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

Our office will be closing early at 3 PM (PST) on December 24th, and we will also be closed on December 25th. There will be another closure on January 1st for New Year’s Day. Although our customer support will be unavailable during those days, we will still continue to monitor for any serious issues.

We hope you stay warm and safe this season!

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UX and Behavioral Economics

I’ve been reading a lot about ‘Behavioral Economics’ lately, and ran across this TechCrunch article that I thought I’d share about How Startups Should Use Behavioral Economics.  There is a lot of interesting material (most of it coming from psychology rather than economics) about how people behave and make decisions.  Spoiler alert – we’re not always rational.

From everything to how we judge value to what we pay attention to – there is a lot of interesting research out there, and it can be really useful when planning your experiences.  Would love to hear from you if you’re using research from Behavioral Economics in your UX practice.

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ProtoShare for Google Drive adds #Slack integration.

Really excited to announce that we’ve added integration with Slack to ProtoShare for Google Drive.  This lets you add and share mockups and prototypes directly in Slack.

ProtoShare for Google Drive is a free, lightweight prototyping tool that lets you build and share prototypes using Google Drive. It’s not as powerful as our standalone ProtoShare product, but it can be a handy tool for quick and dirty prototyping.  Install ProtoShare for Drive here.  Within ProtoShare for Drive, we’ve added a ‘Post to Slack’ button:

Post to Slack

Post prototypes and mockups to Slack using ProtoShare for Google Drive.

After you click “Post to Slack”, choose a Slack channel, make your mockup publicly readable (if you want others to be able to interact with the mockup) and a screenshot of the mockup with a link to interact with it shows up in your Slack channel.

Add mockups and designs to your Slack channel.

Add mockups and designs to your #slack channel.

Clicking on the link brings up the mockup, allowing you to interact with it, and allowing other users to clone the design and make there own changes.

Slack users interactive mockups and prototypes

Slack users can interact with prototypes, or copy the design and make their own changes.

We’ve been playing with this for a few weeks now, and it’s a lot of fun, and a really quick and useful way to illustrate your ideas in Slack. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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