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Guide: Tab Ordering

Some users may be unsure on how to change the order that components are selected with the Tab key. The order is based on the position of the components in the outline.

Tab Ordering

Text Fields in Order

The screenshot above shows an example of text fields in order. A user who clicks on Field 1 and then presses tab will make the cursor jump to Field 3 next since it is below it in the outline. Moving Field 1 above Field 2 will allow the tab ordering to flow properly.  You can move the fields by dragging them in the Component Outline or using the Send Forward/Backwards buttons.

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ProtoShare Tip: Canvas Space

With ProtoShare, the canvas is the backdrop for all your designing and prototyping needs. The canvas space dictates just how much of your design you can see at once and sometimes it may be useful to see more of your content.

ProtoShare includes many features that allow you to free up canvas real estate. First off, to the right of the canvas is the Sidebar where you can see all of your components listed out, see the states being used on the design and the design properties. You can close the Sidebar completely just by clicking the Sidebar button above the canvas. You can reopen the Sidebar by clicking the same button.

Sidebar Palette Inspector Buttons

Palette, Inspector & Sidebar Buttons

You can hide and show the Palette and the Inspector windows by clicking their respective buttons found near the Sidebar button. When you have the Palette or Inspector window open, you may notice the small arrow in the upper right hand corner of the header. This button will minimize the the window so you can drag it to an area to free up space if you prefer not to have the windows hidden completely.

Pages Tab Minimize

Arrow tab used to minimize or maximize the Pages tab


Lastly, you can close the Pages tab to the right of the canvas. Midway down the page you’ll see a small arrow and tab (see image to the left) that you can click to close or reopen the Pages tab.


If you’ve made changes to the visual layout that you’d like to remove, you can always set your layout back to default by opening the menu under your name in the upper right hand corner of the ProtoShare header and choosing the Reset Preferences option.


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Happy Fourth of July!

The ProtoShare offices will be closed Monday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day. We hope you have a fun and safe holiday!

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Memorial Day

Our office will be closed Monday, May 30th as we observe the federal holiday. Here is a list of 10 things to remember about Memorial Day that give the holiday some perspective. Have a wonderful three day weekend!

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ProtoShare Tip: Add a Google Drive Spreadsheet

With Google Drive, you can create your own spreadsheet that you can share with others. Using an iFrame component in ProtoShare, you can add a live view of your spreadsheet which can be edited in real time (if the user has editing permissions).

The easiest way to allow any user to be able to view the spreadsheet is to set the Share Settings to allow those who have the link to view it. This will allow any user who views your design in ProtoShare to also see the content of the spreadsheet. If they are signed into Google and you have allowed them to have access to the spreadsheet, they will also be able to edit it real time from within ProtoShare using Test or Review mode.

Setting up a live view of your spreadsheet in ProtoShare is very simple. First, place an iFrame component onto the canvas. Next, right-click the iFrame and select Get Info which will open the property inspector for it. Place the URL for the spreadsheet into the Source URL field. You will now see the iFrame change to display the page with the spreadsheet.

This Spreadsheet Needs Room to Breathe

Since a lot of the menus for Google Drive are based on the viewing area, you may not see your spreadsheet right away (Google will usually give you a message saying to resize your browser window). You will want to increase the size of the iFrame until your spreadsheet is completely viewable.

The Finished Spreadsheet

Once you are satisfied with the viewable area, you may want to make the spreadsheet more presentable by placing it into a container and cropping just the spreadsheet itself.

This will allow you to have an interactive spreadsheet for your design. Remember to be signed into Google and have permission to make changes to the spreadsheet if you want to edit it.

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