Bugfixes and Usability Enhancements

Some things just can’t wait for formal releases. Case in point: the Review frame in ProtoShare 2.5 now auto-sizes to the size of the wireframe content. Previously, we just made the Review frame “really big” so everything would fit. Two problems with that: 1) scrollbars are always present, 2) what we considered really big wasn’t as big as some of our customers thought it should be. Even worse, we didn’t have the Review frame synced with the Edit frame, so you could make a bigger wireframe in the Editor than you could see in Review. Oops.

After some attentive Protoshare users alerted us to the issue, our engineers went right to work on it. They found a fix that is easily deployed so we wasted no time in pushing it out. It is live now, and fixed. Wireframe away!

UPDATE, 9 Jan: Our engineers have been busy this week.

In addition to the Review frame fix mentioned above, they have also fixed:

  • An IE bug related to comment-pin placement.
  • A bug where the drop down menus from a navigation component were hidden behind content when the navigation component was in a template.
  • Added auto-scrolling when dragging comment-pins onto the Review frame. Now, when you drag to the edge of the frame, it scrolls automatically. A big time saver.

All of these fixes and features are now live. Enjoy!

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