Google: Cloud and Clear Benefits

Last Thursday, Google Co-founder & President, Technology, Sergey Brin, posted the annual founder’s letter on the official Google blog.

Brin had many fascinating insights and observations about the state, and future, of search, online advertising, browsers, mobile, and more. Of particular interest to us here at Site9, however, were his comments about the benefits of online applications, cloud computing, and collaboration.

“The benefits of web-based services, also known as cloud computing, are clear. There is no installation. All data is stored safely in a data center (no worries if your hard drive crashes). It can be accessed anytime, anywhere there is a working web browser and Internet connection,” wrote Brin. “Perhaps even more importantly, new forms of communication and collaboration become possible. In fact, today I have worked on this document using three different operating systems and two different web browsers, all without any special software or complex logistics.”

What more can we say? Last year, as we surveyed the market in website prototyping tools, this philosophy guided us to develop a web-based collaborative prototyping tool called ProtoShare. It’s good to see Brin and others out there pointing out the many advantages of web-based tools. If you haven’t yet joined the thousands who are enjoying the benefits of collaborative website prototyping, you can check it out with a free trial. And if you are already using ProtoShare, thanks for helping us continue to make the tool even better.

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