Firefox 3.5 + ProtoShare = Lickety Split

Want a quick, easy, significant (and free) way to speed up the performance of ProtoShare? Download and install FireFox 3.5. Because ProtoShare is a web-based tool that uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, your browser is responsible for a lot of the speed and performance you experience when displaying and building pages in ProtoShare. So what’s the difference between the new and old? According to Mozilla, Firefox 3.5 renders JavaScript twice as fast as version 3.0. It also accesses and manipulates the DOM more than twice as fast as Firefox 3. Okay, so lots of stats but what does it mean in the real world? It means a faster, smoother, and better prototyping and collaboration experience in ProtoShare and, for that matter, most likely better performance in all your web-based services. So give a whirl to the new combination of ProtoShare and Firefox 3.5, and experience the difference of a better browser.

P.S. Full ProtoShare editor support (currently in beta) for Safari 4, also a very high performance browser, is coming soon. Look for it in the next release mid-August. And Chrome to soon follow. As always, keep in mind that ProtoShare reviewers can use most popular browser to review and comment on work.

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