ProtoShare 3.6 Advances the Prototyping Process

Yesterday, ProtoShare 3.6 was released. The update brings with it many highly requested features, and also introduces the new Professional and Standard Plans. Additionally, ProtoShare now supports the Google Chrome browser, for both reviewers and editors. Chrome joins Safari 4 and Firefox 3 & 3.5 as browsers that are approved to work in the ProtoShare editor. As always, ProtoShare reviewers can also use Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

The Standard Plan received several new updates including a new rich text editor, speed and performance improvements, and the ability to store your assets in the palette. This allows images put in the Gallery folder in the Assets Library to appear at the bottom of the palette. You can then drag and drop them onto the page to work more quickly in the wireframe editor.

The Professional Plan, aside from having no more limits on projects and pages, contains all the updates to Standard, plus some highly-requested features.

  • HTML Export – Access and run your projects offline, create and store archives, have a starting point for development. Further, because ProtoShare uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, your exported site will look and function EXACTLY like your ProtoShare prototype.
  • Interactive Grid View component – A true interactive, configurable, sortable dynamic data grid.
  • Interactive Tree View component – A hierarchical list of items that are configurable and clickable.

Director of Sales, Josh Chaney, put together this preview video to highlight the features’ benefits to effective, better prototyping. As usual, keep your ideas and feedback coming; we’ll continue to listen and deliver.

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