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Wireframes & Prototypes: Is There Really a Difference?

The terms “wireframe” and “prototype” are often used interchangeably – possibly due to convenience or misunderstanding – but it’s important to know what sets these two terms apart and how you benefit from each because sometimes your project will only … Continue reading

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Top Ten Benefits of a High-fidelity Prototype

We talk a lot about the benefits of prototyping, but we like it even more when thought-leaders in the interactive industry talk about it. This post was written by Marty Cagan of Silicon Valley Product Group where he is a the Founding … Continue reading

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ProtoShare is a Silver Sponsor of InfoCamp Seattle

ProtoShare is exhibiting and sponsoring InfoCamp 2010 in Seattle from October 2-3 at Seattle University. InfoCamp is an “unconference where people excited about information gather to collaborate, innovate, and build community.” There are a variety of topics on the table this year, … Continue reading

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Five Best Practices for Creating Website Prototypes

Prototyping is an iterative process, and you probably won’t know everything about your project in the beginning. That’s OK because  I’ve learned a few best practices that can help keep you on track, and that provide you with a context … Continue reading

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