ProtoShare 3.9.4 is here!

This past weekend, we installed a new release to ProtoShare. All SaaS accounts are now running on version 3.9.4.

With this release we updated the Export to Microsoft Word documentation formatting, added Export to Web (Professional & Enterprise licenses only), and installed some minor bug fixes.

Generating a Requirements Specification now automatically includes a cover page, header, footer, and page numbers. With this added formatting and the ease of editing a Microsoft Word document, Professional users will no longer see these features as options on the Export tab.

New to ProtoShare is Export to Web, also for Professional and Enterprise users only. Users can export an HTML Archive to save a local copy as well as export the prototype to ProtoShare servers for usability testing and easy viewing. No login necessary. Export to Web does not require a login to access the prototype making it easy for usability testing. Note: Export to Web does not include the ability to view or participate in ProtoShare discussions.

Among a handful of other bug fixes one bug involving links to deleted pages has been fixed. After a page is deleted, users can select a linked component on an active page and adjust the page reference. In the Link To property the component is now listed as Unknown Page. Click the field to open the page selector to view the error and correct it manually.

Feel free to contact Customer Service with any questions regarding this release.

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