Letter from the CEO: Introducing ProtoShare 5

ProtoShare 5 is a huge milestone for us. We’ve worked on it for about 8 months–completed two releases of 3.9 in the meantime–and put in a huge amount of effort making sure we did things right.

I love Software-as-a-Service. We use Salesforce, Google Docs, BaseCamp and, of course, ProtoShare. Being able to easily share work and collaborate with colleagues is a revolutionary improvement to me. And yet, SaaS can be frustrating. As much as I love Salesforce, it sometimes drives me crazy waiting for pages to load. I’ve also noticed that the more I use it, the more those delays bother me. When I was learning the app, my mind was so busy absorbing information, that the short waits for pages were more of a relief than a problem. But now that I know what I want and where to get it, every extra click, and every extra page load is frustrating.

During the last 18 months, something else has been happening in technology that is monumental for SaaS companies. The browser wars are on again, and one major point of competition is significantly accelerated JavaScript engines. This has been great for ProtoShare, as we’ve seen our speeds increase through browser upgrades alone. But we also realized that we weren’t doing everything we could to leverage these advances.

That’s why we started working on ProtoShare 5. Our goal was twofold: First, improve all the ProtoShare workflow issues that we’d uncovered over the past 2 years by introducing an MDI Interface, consolidating functionality that was spread across the product, making images, templates and masters more easily accessible, improving imports of assets across projects, and more.

The second goal: Make it feel like a desktop app.

We approached this by upgrading some of our core JavaScript frameworks, taking advantage of much of our hard-won knowledge about browser performance, re-writing the user interface from the ground up, and by minimizing data transfer. The result: Speed increases of anywhere from 70 to 200%, and an application that is so responsive and easy to use, you won’t believe it’s not a desktop application.

We’ve added other innovations as well – like Parallel Prototyping™, which allows you to build prototypes targeting different platforms or languages concurrently, using the same architecture.

As you may have noticed, we’re excited about ProtoShare 5. We think you will be to. And there’s much more to come.

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