Meet the ProtoShare Crew

Much of the team behind the collaborative online website wireframe and application prototyping tool

We have an amazing crew here at Site9. We tend to be somewhat modest in our presence with clients and prospects, but it’s time to make some noise (just a little) and introduce you to just a few of the … Continue reading

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Advanced HTML Component – Increase the Fidelity of Your Wireframes

When creating a wireframe, a simple low-fi solution consisting of placeholder content and navigation is often sufficient; however, sometimes that’s just not enough. You may need to increase the fidelity to be able to clearly communicate your ideas to gain … Continue reading

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Getting over embarrassment in order to get things done

The process that Pixar adopted for Toy Story, as explained by Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation Studios, is very similar to the process of “share early, share often” that we advocate for prototyping with ProtoShare: In the process of … Continue reading

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