ProtoShare Featured in Forrester Report

Our team is honored to announce that we have been included in the latest Forrester Research Customer Experience Professionals report, “Six Tools to Consider for Creating Prototypes,” written by Vidya L. Drego with Angela Beckers, Moira Dorsey, and Elisabelle L. … Continue reading

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Team Spotlight – Product Management & Education

The point man responsible for creating all the educational ProtoShare content and driving our product roadmap

Dave knows ProtoShare inside and out. He creates our tutorial videos and application documentation, hosts educational webinars, and drives product development. He’s also our resident expert on classic rock and roll music. Dave DeAngelis Product Manager, Director of Education What … Continue reading

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Cultivating Agility

Part I: Why Agile? ProtoShare was originally conceived of to help the development team here at Site9 to better define and scope our own contract projects. We were literally our own first customer, which meant that the product feedback loop … Continue reading

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Team Spotlight – Marketing

The people spreading the word about ProtoShare and what it means to prototype websites and web apps

As head of Product Marketing, Peter monitors ways we use ProtoShare here in the office, as well as how customers use the app – and the best way to communicate practices to customers. He always¬†has candy at his desk too, … Continue reading

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Team Spotlight – Engineering

The coding wizards responsible for actually building our wireframing and prototyping tool

This week we cover just a couple of our very talented software engineers. Alex and Ben are the chief programmers who think outside the box on how to accomplish a new feature or workflow. Alex is a Zipcar junkie and … Continue reading

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