Are Street Performers Better Than You at Prototyping?

Street performers probably have a better prototyping workflow than you do. In the post, Become a God of Learning Your Trade on Zenhabits by Leo Babauta, he states to get better at what you do you should “do it in … Continue reading

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Team Collaboration: Identifying the Warning Signs of Failure & Getting to Success

I recently attended InfoCamp Seattle and found it to be an interesting conference; I highly recommend it.  The keynote was by Nishant Kothary. Kothary shared insights about the creative process. What I found most interesting was his discussion of cognitive … Continue reading

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Innovation, Creativity & Collaboration

I was pointed to an insightful article today: Innovation 101 by Carolyn T. Geer of The Wall Street Journal. Because not everyone can access WSJ material, I’ve included some excerpts below. There are several takeaways worth mentioning: It’s never too … Continue reading

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Export & Test Your Application Prototype for Mobile Viewing

Responsive web design, or developing websites and applications to adapt to various platforms, is becoming standard when building for the web. Why? The mobile web industry is expected to top $15 billion this year (according to Gartner Research) and every … Continue reading

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