Prototyping Tips from a ProtoShare Newbie

Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome to ProtoShare the newest member of our Customer Service team, Nick Jennings. As a new user of ProtoShare, Nick shares a couple tips others may also find helpful in his first blog post below.

As a new member to the Customer Service team, I use ProtoShare on a daily basis. When I first tried ProtoShare, I found it to be a very exciting process. Right away, I was able to jump into designing a wireframe with little prior knowledge. With so many rich components available, I was able, with ease, to create the wireframe that I had planned in my head. While creating my “perfect” prototype, I learned a few tricks along the way that I think are worth sharing.

Create a Simple Header Navigation

One thing I find useful when creating a page header is to have a sub-navigation bar. This way I can separate out certain pages from the main navigation. For instance, a navigation bar with only utility pages, such as Contact Us, About, and Login. You can easily build the page structure for this menu by creating a page with no content and making it hidden from navigation. Then place the pages you want for your sub-navigation underneath the hidden page and set the starting page in your navigation component to the hidden page.

Web Prototype Header

Save Time Testing Your States

For one of my pages, I had a popup window that contained two buttons allowing for multiple choices. Depending on which button was picked, another window would pop up and lead to another multiple choice window.

It got a little confusing when trying to test the states in Review mode since there were so many windows. Instead of creating a button that would allow me to go back to the previous window, I placed a Vertical State Navigation component to the side of the page. This allowed me to quickly test each state value to make sure that the correct window would appear.

Testing States in Prototypes

I am really excited to be a part of the ProtoShare team and hope to learn the more advanced features ProtoShare has to offer. I also look forward to working with all of our fantastic customers as you create your own prototypes.

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