ProtoShare Tip: How to Export Wireframes & Prototypes

An important feature in ProtoShare is being able to export your work to an HTML file or Word document. This allows you to have a fully interactive archive of your project and documentation specifying the details of your project that … Continue reading

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Adobe® Proto Ain’t ProtoShare®

Adobe Systems Incorporated recently announced a new product they call Adobe® Proto. Normally, we don’t comment on other company’s products, but in this case we’ve received some confused messages from customers and prospects thinking Adobe® Proto and ProtoShare® are the … Continue reading

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ProtoShare 6.2 is Coming with Mobile Prototyping

Get ready for our next big release in just a few weeks! In addition to some pretty cool additions, ProtoShare 6.2 includes features to support your mobile prototyping needs. Here are features and capabilities you can expect from ProtoShare 6.2: Mobile … Continue reading

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