10 Things You May Not Know About ProtoShare

ProtoShare is a powerful tool with a huge feature set. Because it’s so powerful, sometimes some of its capabilities are not obvious, particularly to new customers. So, without further ado, here are 10 things you may not know about ProtoShare.

1. Use Stencils and Widgets from the community resource library to get off to a quick start

ProtoShare has a Community Resource Library of Stencils and Widgets that you can drag-and-drop into a ProtoShare Project. The Community Library can be accessed from a button at the bottom of the Component Palette in the Editor or at http://community.protoshare.com/category/stencils/.

2. Re-use your work across Projects

ProtoShare allows you to create Masters and Templates that you can re-use in a Project. These Library items can also be imported from one Project to another. Another workflow many ProtoShare customers use is to create a “Master Project” that contains all of their Masters and Templates. Then, they just copy the Master Project as the starting point for each new Project.

3. Use custom colors and shapes in your prototypes

With the release of ProtoShare 6.3, you can create almost any shape or color in the ProtoShare Editor, without having to use the Advanced HTML Component or CSS in the Stylesheet. This new flexibility is available within the ProtoShare Inspector and in the toolbar.

4. Drag-and-drop images and URLs to your project

With ProtoShare, you can drag-and-drop any image from your computer’s desktop directly into the Editor or the Library > Assets folder. You also can drag-and-drop a URL into the Page Designs section of the Page Tree or directly into an IFrame Component.

5. Prototype for Mobile and Review on the native device

The ProtoShare Business Edition contains Screen Guides for prototyping apps for mobile devices, and allows you to view your prototypes on mobile devices with a URL and PIN supplied in the ProtoShare’s Review mode.

6. Guide Reviewers by the order of your Topics in Review Mode

ProtoShare allows you to guide the activities of your Reviewers by the order of the discussion Topics you create in Review Mode. By creating the Topics in the order that you want your reviewers to experience them, you can guide their review through the prototype.

7. Use Page Designs to create multiple versions of a single Page

ProtoShare allows you to create multiple Designs of each page in your Project. You can use this feature to show the evolution of the page from a simple sketch or wireframe to a high-fidelity prototype, or you can use this feature to create multiple versions of a single Page for user testing.

8. Use States to simulate interactivity

Many beginning ProtoShare customers never learn that you can use States to create interactive elements like pop-ups, light-boxes, tabbed panels, sortable grid-views, swipes, and many other elements of interactivity. This is one of ProtoShare’s most powerful features.

9. Use underlying ProtoShare HTML code as a starting point for development

ProtoShare is written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. The code is very clean. Many of our customers use the code generated by ProtoShare as a starting point for development, saving time and money in the development process.

10. Learn how to quickly use ProtoShare  in the weekly Webinar

Every week we present at least one Webinar, designed to help customers learn the basics of ProtoShare and get off to a good start. Sometimes we host more advanced Webinars for our more experienced customers. At the Webinars, you can ask questions and get help.

If you need help doing anything with ProtoShare, please feel free to contact ProtoShare Customer Service (customerservice@protoshare.com). They’re here to help you.

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