How ProtoShare Wireframe Software Works for Artonic

A ProtoShare Case Study

Powerful & Effective As a Michigan Web Design Company, our job is to design and develop websites.¬† However, at Artonic, we don’t just design websites, we create custom marketing tools for our clients. ¬†This requires research and in-depth planning to … Continue reading

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Flexible, Reusable Wireframe Content with Masters

When you spend as much time in ProtoShare as I do, you quickly notice the benefits of reusing your work. Reusing a piece of content that you’ve already created, instead of rebuilding content from scratch, saves time and, of course, … Continue reading

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Prototyping with Google Web Fonts

There are a lot of high-quality resources for the web out there. One of those is Google’s Web Fonts, which provides easy access to hundreds of free-to-use fonts. Since ProtoShare prototypes are based on web standards (HTML5, CSS, nyan cats, … Continue reading

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