hfa Uses ProtoShare to Prototype Responsive Website Designs

Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. (hfa), a leading full-service marketing agency in Northeast Ohio drives consumer and business-to-business campaigns for retail, industrial, automotive, medical, travel, building product and government clients.

hfa selected ProtoShare after reviewing various collaborative and enterprise solutions. We decided that ProtoShare’s simplicity, usability and capabilities were a near perfect match for our needs. We’re now using ProtoShare to help model a new responsive-design website, so the real-time “view on device” feature was an absolute must. This feature works perfectly and we can’t imagine prototyping without it.

It’s so refreshing to find an excellent tool like ProtoShare that delivers what it intends–no more, no less. ProtoShare is simple, intuitive and direct. It behaves exactly how you expect; no surprises. ProtoShare rapidly delivers functional prototypes with beautiful “view on device” mobile support. We couldn’t be happier. We’re using the latest Business Edition, but there are other packages available.

For team collaboration, the Business Edition offers a “view on device” feature that’s dead simple to use; it offers reviewers an instant URL to review the current active prototype on the mobile device of their choice. This feature alone justified our choice to upgrade to the Business Edition.

For prototype editors, the web interface is clean and simple. It works as well as, or better than, desktop editing software. The editor design and its usability is on-target and intuitive. The only thing we would change, if we could, is the ability to declare a design once and then apply it to multiple pages in one action. Having said that, ProtoShare includes a library of templates and masters for repeating and sharing content (which can be defined per project, or shared across projects).

Overall, this is an excellent tool that fills a collaborative need very well and doesn’t fall into the trap of offering everything, including the kitchen sink. We’re fans. Bravo!


This guest post was contributed by Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc.  www.teamhfa.com

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