A New ProtoShare is Released!

ProtoShare Prototyping Software

ProtoShare Account Dashboard

The last major update for 2012 of ProtoShare collaborative prototyping software was released this past weekend!

Read the full ProtoShare release notes.

Current users will notice some friendly changes to the Account and Project dashboards for improved usability, as well as real-time notifications of discussion topics.

A few highly requested changes by users are:

  • In-line text editing for the Text component
  • Adding project members from the Review interface (when creating a new topic)
  • Billing Manager is no longer a user role; it is a flag assigned to any Editor or Reviewer by the Account Manager.
  • Editors can choose Annotation markers to be visible only when their on-click States are active

We hope you love this latest installment as much as we do. Have a great rest of the year! 2013 will bring some amazing updates to the Stencils & Widgets library and Component Palette. We can’t wait to share those with you when the time comes.

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