It’s Easy to Add Editors to Your Trial Account

Using ProtoShare Prototyping Software

Do you have a ProtoShare free trial account and wish you could add Editors during the trial period? You can, and it’s easy.

Every ProtoShare free trial starts with an entitlement of 1 Editor, but you are absolutely welcome to increase the entitlement to as many Editors as you like.

When you log in just go to the “Billing Details” tab. Click on the “Change Plan/Add Editors” button.  Add as many Editor seats to your free trial account as you like. (It is a free trial for heaven’s sake!) Note: you must be the account creator to make this change.

Once you’ve increased your Editor entitlement, you can add as many individuals as Editors as you like to any projects you have started in ProtoShare. Just go to the “Project Members” section of the Dashboard for each project.

The purpose of your ProtoShare free trial account is to give you as much chance as possible to work with ProtoShare. If you’re part of a team, why not have your whole team working with ProtoShare during your free trial?

To learn more about inviting people to projects – as Editors or Reviewers – read last week’s post.

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