ProtoShare Tip: How to Invite Users to a Prototype

ProtoShare’s review mode is a great feature to help you get feedback from stakeholders. There are two methods to inviting users to your web or mobile prototype project.

The first method is found on your Project Dashboard. In the section for Project Members, there is a button labeled Add Members. Clicking this brings up the Add Members dialog where you enter the e-mail addresses of the users you wish to invite to your project and add a personalized message to the invitation. If a user is currently a member on your account, you will find their name in the drop-down list. Additionally, you have the ability to select a role for any new users.

Invite users to a web prototype

The second method can be found during the creation of a discussion topic. When you add a new discussion topic, you will find the Add Members button. You can then invite users to your project at the same time as subscribing them to your topic.

Invite users to a web project


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