A New ProtoShare is Released!

The last major update for 2012 of ProtoShare collaborative prototyping software was released this past weekend! Read the full ProtoShare release notes. Current users will notice some friendly changes to the Account and Project dashboards for improved usability, as well … Continue reading

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ProtoShare Features Translated to Serbo-Croatian

We were recently approached by a Computer Science student from the University of Belgrade, Serbia asking to translate the ProtoShare Features page to Serbo-Croatian. Her goal is to educate people from her region on prototyping as an aspect of Computer … Continue reading

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Site9 Raises $500,000 in New Funding, Announces 50% Growth in Sign-ups for ProtoShare

Site9 has raised half a million dollars in funding from private investors for the marketing of its ProtoShare collaborative prototyping tool for web and mobile applications. In the first three quarters of 2012 the company experienced a 50% increase in … Continue reading

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An Event By Designers for Designers

Design Camp India 2012 Recap

It was truly a worthwhile visit to Chennai for Design Camp India (DCI) 2012 held at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Campus. More than 450 designers attended the event held on 29 to 30 September. The event is seen … Continue reading

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WebVisions Chicago & InfoCamp Seattle

Thanks to everyone who attended the ‘Lean Lunch’ at WebVisions in Chicago, and my Lean UX session at InfoCamp Seattle. ¬†Every time I have these meetings and discussions, I learn something new about how people are running their UX practices. … Continue reading

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