Collaboration with ProtoShare

We built ProtoShare with collaboration as a primary goal. That’s why we call it “ProtoShare” and not “ProtoHideYourWork”. ProtoShare collaboration is really a key part of the process. I spend a lot of time talking with our customers. In the … Continue reading

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How to test your ProtoShare prototypes with Loop11

Usability testing for a website in the early stages of development, before design and functionality has been fully implemented, is widely accepted as the most appropriate stage for evaluating a new website design. Testing at this stage provides a cost … Continue reading

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ProtoShare Welcomes New Managers To The Team

ProtoShare would like to introduce Andrea Raines and Meghan Neff, the two newest members of our team. Meghan Neff is our new Marketing Manager and Andrea Raines is our new Sales Manager. Meghan brings a wealth of knowledge from her … Continue reading

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Should You Go Responsive?

Responsive Design tools and techniques are evolving rapidly and have proven successful in many applications, but there are still several common pitfalls to be wary of when crafting a user experience for multiple devices. First, the term “Responsive Design” is … Continue reading

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The Difference Between UX and UI

Here’s a great overview by Erik Flowers of what UX means: UX is not UI. Two key quotes from the article: “UX is the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution.” “It’s a huge strategic process that … Continue reading

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