Taking Advantage of ProtoShare’s Project Home Page

By default, every new ProtoShare project includes several pages, including a root page named Home. You may have noticed that this page cannot be deleted or moved.

Project Page Tree

Project Page Tree

Instead of using it as a home page for their projects, many ProtoShare users create a new sub-page to act as the root or landing page of their projects and page trees. However, the Home page should not be overlooked, as it can come in handy for certain workflows.

Here are some lesser-known usages of the default Home page:

Project Thumbnail

My Active Projects Thumbnail

1) The active design on this page is the thumbnail used for the project in the My Active Projects tab. If the design is left blank, a default thumbnail image is used instead.

2) The Home design can be used to track project-wide objectives, criterion and other specifications. Placing some text components that outline goals on this page is a step in the right direction.

3) Sometimes Reviewers need a place to leave feedback that isn’t related to a specific page or design. The Home page is perfect for tracking discussions that relate to the project as a whole.

4) Adding Live Views as additional designs on the Home page is an easy way to store project-wide ideas and/or inspiration.

Custom Navigation with Home

Custom Navigation with Home

5) It’s easy to include the Home page design in your navigation components. By default, navigation components include top-level pages, but Home is excluded.

To include Home, select the navigation component on your design and then open the Inspector. The Inspector can be opened by right clicking the component and selecting “Get Info” or by clicking the Inspector button in the toolbar.

Page navigation or “Pages” in the Inspector is automatically set to “Top-Level Pages”. Click on “Top-Level Pages” and then select “Custom” at the bottom of the dropdown list. Shift select Home along with other pages that you want included in the navigation, then drag them into the “…custom pages” section in the Inspector.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your team to organize your project ideas and keep your projects moving forward.

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