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ProtoShare just launched our new website redesign. We started the redesign using our own wireframing tool and managed the lifecycle of the project through ProtoShare’s built-in collaboration.

As a project manager in the digital marketing world, I have led numerous website redesign projects and know how important visual specifications are to improving the overall process of a redesign.

At past companies I used PowerPoint to create website wireframes and although it works for very basic wireframes, the visual and interactive interest was practically non-existent. When I used PowerPoint for wireframing navigation and layout, there was always a lack of visual specification that had to be made up for in written specifications.  In order to protect ourselves from scope creep, we had to include a laundry list of items that were not included in the project.

With ProtoShare, everything is readily visible and you can wireframe from low to high fidelity quickly. I put together a low fidelity wireframe and created multiple design layouts for each page that I then shared with my designer. The designer added fidelity to the layouts, proposed alternatives, and suggested changes. By working together and iterating quickly, we made rapid progress in the design phase.

ProtoShare lets you work your way up to a high-fidelity prototype that looks and acts like a functional website. It also keeps all of your team’s work (final designs for each page, comments on designs, annotations and more) all in one place – making collaboration and requirements tracking a streamlined process.

As a relatively new member of the ProtoShare team, I was sold on the technology before we even started the project. I cannot begin to express how invaluable a tool like ProtoShare is to the design process and wireframing of a website. Simply put, the tool made our redesign process faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

To make things even better, when the project was turned over to our developers, there was no confusion about what to build and everything they needed was right there. I can honestly say, from first hand experience – ProtoShare creates happy clients and happy teams.

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