Thanks to UXPA Boston and WebVisions Portland

Steven Fisher at UXPA Boston

ProtoShare Advisory Board Member Steven Fisher at UXPA Boston

Thanks to everyone who participated in my talks at UXPA Boston and WebVisions Portland. As well as a big thanks to all of the organizers!  Both of my talks were about Lean UX and bridging the gap between UX and Development.  You can see my slides here, and a summary of the UXPA Boston discussion here.  As always, it’s really the quality of the audience participation that makes these talks rock.

Don’t miss the next CHIFOO Portland. This ProtoShare sponsored event includes free food, drinks and admission! Check out more info on our ProtoShare News & Events page.

And congratulations to our giveaway winners too!

UXPA Boston ProtoShare Winner

UXPA Boston ProtoShare Winner

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