ProtoShare plugin for JIRA

ProtoShare for JIRAWe’re releasing ProtoShare for JIRA today. We’ve always liked the idea of prototypes as part of requirements and user stories. In fact, we’ve linked the two in our own development processes for a couple of years now. As a developer, being able to interact with a high fidelity wireframe or prototype in addition to written information, as well as tracking ongoing discussion, commentaries and decisions about an issue are highly effective at preventing miscommunication and rework.

When we started exploring our integration strategy, one of the things we realized was that we wanted the integration to be seamless, easy to use and really tightly integrated with whatever target platform we were working with.

The result of our rethink is a lightweight version of the ProtoShare editor which is now available as a plugin for JIRA.

The ProtoShare plugin for JIRA allows you to create low, medium or high-fidelity mockups, prototypes and wireframes including interactivity and access to the ProtoShare Wireframe Stencils library.

ProtoShare for JIRA stores your prototype and a version history of your prototype directly in JIRA as an HTML file. Any user who can view a ticket can view and interact with the mockup. You can comment on and layer content directly over an existing site using live views, and you can use your own images too.

Here’s our intro video.

Check out the plugin page ProtoShare for Jira to learn more.

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